Ziad Daroueche
Ziad Daroueche
Ziad Daroueche




Ziad Daroueche is a young singer-songwriter from East Africa

From a very young age he started playing the guitar and practised music regularly with his guitarist father, who passed on his passion for music and for the stage.

It was mainly during his student days in Madagascar that he developed his style based on traditional music, M'Godro, blues and rock.

 A committed artist, Ziad Daroueche advocates tolerance, peace and hope. His first EP entitled
Maecha  or ;Life  released in 2016 reflects his commitment to unity. We are all human
beings, we are all equal A unity that is particularly close to his heart, and which he honours in
tracks such as Discrimination Amani  and Uvomodja.

Ziad Daroueche lives in Reunion Island. He is involved in many cultural events on the island
(séchoir, kabardock, rondavelles...) but also in the whole Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Comoros,
Mayotte...), as well as in Africa and in mainland France

he was asked this year to open for Tony Allen (former drummer of fela kuti) and
Baloji, when they came to Réunion






Dates :

02/02/20 à la Marie louise - Saint Pierre
02/09/20 au before - Saint Pierre
02/29/20 au Pittoresque - Saint-Pierre
03/27/20 à la cerise - Saint Paul
04/04 hauts sons des couverts -le bernica

04/10/20 au V and B - Saint- Pierre

04/17/20 à la Bodega - Saint-Gilles-les bains

04/23 au passage du chat blanc - St Denis

05/15  Le latino - Le tampon

05/17/20 au namaste - Saint-Leu

06/05/20 au vavangart - Entre - deux
07/12/20 Rondavelle des filaos- St Leu
08/22/20 au toit -Saint-Pierre

23/08/20 rondavelle chez tiroule - Saint-Leu
09/16  Les Savons d’Hélène - Strasbourg (67)
09/17  l’Assiette au Vin - Schiltigheim (67)

09/18   Hotel Restaurant de l’Ange- Guebwiller (68)
09/19  Bar la Casa Loca - Haguenau (67)
10/02/20 5/5 MAYOTTE
10/09/20  pôle culture chirongui Mayotte
10/10/20 le dagoni petite terre mayotte
10/11/20 la marine Mayotte

10/16/20 Mbiwi Majicavo Lamir 

10/17/20 bar mazahatra Passamaity
11/07/20 au pittoresque - Saint-pierre
11/13 La Cerise - St Paul
12/19 au Vavang'art - Entre- deux
06/26 la Cerise - st paul
07/09 vavangart
07/17 la Cerise - st paul

07/08 vavangart Entre- deux
08/08 à la capitainerie St Pau
08/21 Moulin à café Paris
09/02 hotel de l'ange guebwiller Strasbourg 
09/04 Casa loca Haguenau Strasbourg
3 septembre assiette au vin à Schiltigheim. strasbourg
4 septembre Casa loca Haguenau Strasbourg
11 septembre bar le mazahatra  Passamaïnti, Mayotte
12 septembre la marine acoua mayotte
16 septembre chez bito combani mayotte
17 septembre le voulé cavani mamoudzou mayotte
18 septembre Chez cousin cavani mamoudzou
24 septembre au quartz majicavo Mayotte 
25 septembre le dagoni dzaoudzi petite terre
7,8,9 OCTOBER festival Marafiki Tanzanie.
11/06 pittoresque st pierre.
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