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Jean s'agace
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Jean s'agace
french songs



  An air that hums, light songs that invite to dance, love, humor on a background of poetry. Jean s'Agace mixes French song and instrumental music. His compositions, full of flavors and colors, tickle our epicurean taste buds and appetite to savor a good salad of sounds.

To enter his universe is to share his daily life (that of his neighbor), to laugh at what annoys him, to attach himself to a character whom one might very well like to detest. All the annoyed Jean, except perhaps to cultivate his garden to grow the song..




Dates :

04/16/2017 - 8,30 pm
Le namasté - Saint Leu

04/22/2017 - 8 pm
LaYourte en scène - Saint Leu

05/10/2017-7 pm
Chez ti roule- Saint Leu

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