Ez and the mango acid
psyche rock



  EZ and The Mango Acid is like a time machine disassemble . A multi-chrono-directional journey through the galaxies 60's and 70's, where come into collision sounds of the Rolling Floyd or Pink Zeppelin, with those of David Stardust and Lou Velvet !

EZ was born in Takitizistan. the nation where, Rock'n'Roll, Folk, Blues, Pop Music and Psyche are not dusty relics dated, but the sound track of a universal and timeless ideal!




Dates :

01/20/2019 - 7PM
Chez Jean Paul (ronda) - Saint Leu

03/16/2019 4PM
Rock à la buse- (Cité des arts) Saint Denis

05/26/2019 9PM
au Namasté - Saint Leu

10/12/2019 9PM
Le Toit - Saint-Pierre

11/24/2019 9PM
au Namasté - Saint Leu

In listening :




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