IZTAMMA was born in Tampon at the end of 2009 of the meeting between the guitarist / singer Paul K'BIDI and the author / composer / singer Sylvain BALME.

Soon other musicians with varied influences join the duo and as of March 2010 the training begins to occur in the bars of the town. The band then clearly shows a predilection for fusion combining the power of rock and the melody of reggae.

During 5 years IZTAMMA grows, the group gains in precision and musicality according to the scenes and the newcomers. . In 2015 he finally finds his balance with the remarkable arrival of an accordion, since then the 7 merry lurons propose an energetic and festive set where intertwine swing, ska, French song, funk and reggae.

Like their music, texts are refined over time. The author plays on contrasts, he invents wacky stories, delivers messages of hope or points out the baseness of human nature

A concert of IZTAMMA is a real "Insertion in Zone of Turbulence, Musical Agitation in Ascending Movement" of which one never comes out unscathed !!



Dates :

03/10/2019 7PM
Chez ti roule- Saint Leu

Open internationnal beach tennis - Saint Gilles les bains (plage des brisants)

06/02/2019 9PM
au Namasté - Saint Leu

07/17/2019  7 PM
Le K'fé quoi - Folcalquier (04)

07/19/2019 9.30 PM
Place du Lavoir - Pont Saint Esprit (30)

La Fabrique - Monteliar (26)

07/21/2019 8.30 PM
La Fontaine Minérale à Pont de Barret (26)

07/25/2019 8 PM
La Dérive à Estayer le lac (Suisse)

07/26/2019 9 PM
Place du trophée - Alby sur chéran (74)

Triplettes Social Club à Ambérieu en Bugey (01)

08/02/2019 - 9 PM
Square Henri Buet - Evian (74)

08/03/2019 8.30 PM
La Yaute café - Chamonix (74)

08/04/2019 11.30 AM
Cité médievale de Confans - Albertville (73)

Kabardock - Le Port

10/11/2019 8PM
La cerise - Saint paul

11/15/2019 9PM
Le Toit - Saint-Pierre


In listening :

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