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DaHel (David How Heng Sin), started bass guitar at the age of 16. He initially made his debut on the guitar but the love of the Bass catches up with him very quickly and everything fastens. He made his first tours with the band Soul / Funk KARISMA of this collaboration will be born the album "MA SOUL" (France / Belgium) Then he is recruited by Jean-Philippe Jacques a Caribbean singer With whom he will record an album and tour (Martinique / Guadeloupe) Back in Reunion in 2007 he will accompany artists such as: Danyel Waro, The Indigo, Didier Kergrin, Tikok Vellaye, Isa, Jocelyn and Christian Ducap, Bann Laope (arrangement cd), Fabrice Legros, Alex Sorres, Max Dalleau ...

San (Steeve Betsitota) From his earliest age he was rocked by music, his father from Madagascar and musician transmits to him this passion Which it will develop very quickly. He began his first collaboration with many artists of the Réunionnaise scene: (The Kaf: Johnny Mansard) Isa, Didier Kergrin, Benjam, Ti Fock, James, Chacal Band, Malkijah, Jean Louis Léon But it is before a composer performer and and talented musician with a style of his own and a voice that marks the listeners' ears In 2010 he meets DaHel for the first time at a festival or both had to happen It was the alchemy between the two musicians and this meeting will be born a complicity as well as numerous musical collaborations.

Coco (Corentin Jouvinier) Self-taught, he starts the guitar by listening to his father's collection of blues records, which conveys his passion for the instrument. He then decides to take guitar lessons that he will follow for a year to enrich and develop his game. Originating in metropolitan France and practicing a trade other than music, he decided to come and settle down on the island of Reunion. It is from this moment that things evolve and that it decides to take again that passion that gnaws it to know the music. It is in 2013 that he meets San and DaHel with whom things will go very quickly since they collaborate together on the album of a local artist then strong of this adventure they decide to create Relax. The puzzle was thus complete and the compositions were linked Relax was born.




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