minimal swing orchestra at coco beach
live concert
minimal swing orchestra
live concert



   Between the electro swing, or the song with the new sounds, it is very difficult to classify the Minimal swing orchestra, one will remember above all surprising spatio-temporal footbridges, cool comps and entrainantes fed swing, gipsy jazz, blues, Hip hop, and many other influences.

The first album of the band "from Paris to Harlem" has just been released since March 2017.

The multi-instrumentalist musicians remind us that despite this epithet "electro", it is indeed a live concert or instruments and machines merge and complement, call for dance or listening. To discover !

Manoel nicolas: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, samples
Marc Elvira: trumpet, bugle, trombone
Gerome Genay: battery




Dates :

05/03/2019 - 9PM
au toit - Saint Pierre

05/10/2019 -8PM
La cerise - Saint Paul



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